"In 25 years in the modelling, beauty and television industries I’ve never come across a hair product that replenished the health, vitality and strength of my hair the way Naturalmente does. I also love the fact that besides getting the perfect results aesthetically, I’m following my heart by using a purely natural product that is 100% green.”
Michelle McLean | TV personality, humanitarian and former Miss Universe

“My hair gets done for every show and if it wasn’t for Naturalmente, I would have no hair left from all the toxic ingredients put on by stylists using other ranges. Naturalmente is not only about better choice ingredients, it does the job exceedingly well. That’s why I carry a couple bottles in my bag on every trip.”
Shen Winberg | Lead singer for ShenFM

“Since using the Naturalmente range of hair care, the condition of my hair is as good as it was when I was 17! It has restored the strength and softness that it had back then. Not only is the product great on my hair but I also know that it is safe for the environment.”
Mary-Ann Shearer | Founder, Natural Way

"As editor of Simply Green magazine (SA's No 1 green lifestyle mag) and 'Eco Diva' on SABC3's Expresso breakfast show every Thursday morning, I am so happy to have found Naturalmente. The first natural hair and skin care products that actually work for me with no compromise on style. The fact that the product contains no harsh chemicals or parabens and the packaging is made from corn and is biodegradable just does my 'Eco Diva' heart proud! I’m hooked!"
Nicole Sherwin | Editor Simply Green magazine, Eco Diva on SABC's Expresso | Follow Nicole on Twitter: @ecodivanicole

After one wash I'm already seeing and feeling a difference - incredible! I'm very happy :) 
Natasha Thorp

The Wave doesn’t interfere with the colour. It gives a soft easy to blow-dry result and has a softer smell. Customers love it! Best perm ever in my career.”
Melony | Stylist, owner Stylist of Just Melony in Hermanus

I have extremely fine, thin hair and I never know what to do with it. I was on the brink of cutting my hair ridiculously short when I had the Wavy – WOW! It has seriously changed my life. I've been able to grow my hair, without it looking straggly, and for once, my hair’s got some body! Now I have more options – I can blow my hair straight or have it curly.! Most importantly, I can do ALL of this without the damaging chemicals of a perm. Whether I do the Wavy or my colour, the condition of my hair remains fabulous. Well, the Naturalmente products really do deliver on what they say they do.

I had my hair washed and had a permanent wave done with Naturalmente products. My hair is traditionally very fine and extremely straight. I do have some highlights. Although we all decided that the wave could have been slightly tighter, it came out really well. I had a soft wave which responded well to being dried with no brush, or, if I gently encouraged, some curl with a brush. 10 Weeks later I had a good cut and style and Renee was pleased to see that my hair still held some of the wave. I have decided that when I have another cut  in 10 – 12 weeks’ time, I may have another wave and we will make it slightly tighter. This actually means that the first wave lasted really well.

Firstly, the best thing that ever happened to me was the Wavy (Wave Shine System). It’s given me the body I’ve always been yearning for! The Fennel & Geranium Mousse helps a lot too. When I realized I was greying I decided (thanks to Renee) to let it be and I've had nothing but compliments on how lovely my hair looks. So thank you Naturalmente for making my dull thin straight hair look so much better.

“In my 20 years in the industry, I can say I have never before worked with a range of hair care and colour as phenomenal as Naturalmente. Besides the superior ingredients, the Naturalmente range is such a pleasure to work with! It is enjoyable and therapeutic to experience and it out-performs any product I’ve ever used. Bravo! At last there is a range that I can truly use with integrity.”
Brendan Thomas | Hair colourist and stylist

“After continued use I started seeing the effects Naturalmente had on the client’s hair and skin. Personally I started noticing more growth, texture change and moisture in my hair when using the shampoo and conditioner frequently. I noticed incredible results of the Skin Spa range on client’s skin, so I tried the Skin Spa Purify range for my sensitive and oily skin and since then my skin has improved remarkably.”
Gillian Africa | Hair stylist

“As a professional stylist, the tint range from Naturalmente is my favourite because it imparts an iridescent, translucent hue on hair and covers grey gently and beautifully. The Colour Defence range makes me an alchemist who can create personalised, individual colour.”
Tony Martin | Award-winning hair stylist, Yazo4Hair