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Are you ready to uplift your salon or retail store with top-notch sustainable, natural products that deliver excellent results?

Naturalmente is a complete wellness concept. We offer everything you’ll need to run a successful Eco-Aware Hair Salon or Beauty Spa, or you can add us to your offering in your Wellness store.



Our professional hair-care range offers complete and gentle in-house salon services, as well as natural home-care products for your discerning clients.

With us, you can offer:

-       A salon that’s free from noxious and intrusive odours. Instead, your salon will be filled with the gorgeous essential oil scents, that emanate out of ournatural hair products.

-       From the shampoos and conditioners used at the basin, to styling products that infuse the air with flowers, Naturalmente creates an atmosphere that's like a stroll through nature....

-       Amazing new colour tools, that double as quick and effective relaxation treatments.

-       Non-chemical colour-work that will give your clients natural results.

-       Hot Oil hair treatments that will enhance their colour-work.

-       An amazing Treatment Menu that will spice things up.

Our revolutionary Colour Defence System, allows the professional the opportunity to work more gently in the salon. Our 100% natural Colour Plant Flower will attract the clients that want NO chemicals when colouring their hair. The Relax Shine System,Wave Shine System, Oil treatments and Elements Scalp specific range bring a new dimension to your salon, with accompanying home-care products, so that your clients can maintain their natural look effortlessly.



Our professional skin-care range Breathe Skin & Body Therapy is a luxurious and effective line of spa treatments for the skin. It cleans, tones and enriches with the help of plants, flowers and essential oils, whilste respecting the earth.



Our retail products include The Basics Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling Aids, Make Up Spa, Breathe (daily range ), Uomo (for men), Elements (scalp specific), Sun Range, Bio Baby and Casa (for the home).

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