My name is Shen, singer of the band SHENFM.
You may think there is, but there's not much in common with rock stars and beauty. It’s a hard life of sleepless nights in sweat-drenched, smoky venues, liquor filled festivals and long, painful, uncomfortable overseas flights.
That’s why when there’s a range of clothing that makes me feel comfortable, lasts, and looks fly, I stick to it. Same with my hair products. It’s hard to deal with top of the range hotel and salon stuff around the globe when you're used to Naturalmente.
The point is that my hair gets done for every show, and by now I would have none left from all the toxic ingredients they put in other ranges. Naturalmente is not only about better choice ingredients; it does the job exceedingly well. That’s why I carry a couple bottles in my bag on every trip.  
For an unhealthy world, it’s my escape to a natural, gentle and personal approach.