Skin Spa is the first range of products I have ever used with visible, positive results! I’ve been struggling with my skin for 15 years and have even had to resort to pharmaceutical treatments that shrunk my pores This worked to an extent, but I still suffered with bad skin and also scarring. Over the years I’ve tried many different mechanical, as well as beauty treatments with no positive results. I also used many different ranges, some of which were organic, but all highly priced. After the first year of using Naturalmente skin care I noticed small changes, but now 2 years down the line the texture and tone of my skin has improved radically.


I've been using Naturalmente hair products for several years now and more recently I started using the skin care range – Skin Spa. I think they are great (no Sodium Laureth Sulphate!) and it’ is reassuring that the products don’t contain the horrid chemicals of the ‘traditional stuff’ most people hope will delay our skin aging! For the first time in my life someone just asked me what I was using as my skin seemed very improved. I also find that since using the natural oil that my skin is not nearly as dry.