QUALITY REALE - ‘Real’ Certification…

Third Party Certification adds another layer of integrity to our brand

All Naturalmente products are certified by Qualitá Reale, an independent body that thoroughly tests and endorses product integrity.  This means “what you see is definitely what you get”, when you buy Naturalmente.

(This passage is from perception to reality).

—Our intention is to confirm the real quality of our products by supplying our consumers with the necessary information and having its truthfulness certified by an independent body.

We believe that consumers are ready to look past the perception of quality (produced by the communication of a generic, commercial brand) and to recognize real quality, which is given by information which regards the product: from the production of its ingredients to the sale of the finished product.

Unfortunately, many products reputed to be 'green' or 'environmentally friendly' or 'organic', are actually not. All Naturalmente products are certified by Qualità Reale, an independent body that thoroughly tests and endorses product integrity– meaning that 'what you see is definitely what you get', when you buy Naturalmente.

Qualità Reale looks at every aspect of our business, from the lavender we source directly from origin from sustainable and biodynamic farmers, to our compostable packaging made from corn, in order to vouch for our products. This extra step and expense which we take is for the benefit of the consumer, so there is no doubt that our products have absolute integrity.


Our responsibility


Organic, biodynamic, renewable, sustainable...and always transparent

It is our responsibility to make cosmetic products derived from renewable and sustainable botanical substances that bring nurturing care to all our consumers. All Naturalmente products are formulated from pure ingredients harvested from plants and flowers, grown only through organic and biodynamic farming practices. They channel the natural power of aromatherapy through to hair and skin, for health and well-being.

This planet is the only home we have. That’s why we choose to use farming methods that do not use synthetic or chemical fertilizers, or chemicals and treatments that are invasive to the land.

Sustainable farming methods like these are part of a new life vision. They take into account the phases of the moon for the collection of plants, as well as the harmonious rhythms that exist between plants, humans and the planet. In order to extract the best quality essential oils it is vital to understand the difference between various farming methods. This philosophy guides our production.

We also believe it is our responsibility to be transparent about the ingredients that make up all of our products. You have the right to know that all Naturalmente products are good for you, and why.


Our Products


Derived from renewable and sustainable botanical substances that nurture and uplift our consumers.

At Naturalmente we make home, hair-care, baby, body and beauty products, as well as providing professional salon service treatments that bring total aromatherapy wellness to your well-being.

Our products are gentle on us and good for the environment. They are eco-friendly in the true sense of the term, using sustainable and renewable sources from nature, and pulling the philosophy through the whole production process: from planting to picking, processing to packaging, plus being conscious of the waste products, such as shampoo and soap suds, that go down your drain every day.


Origin and quality of raw plant materials


Organically grown or wild harvest only

We source raw plant materials that are organically grown or certified wild harvest. If it is impossible to find the certified ingredient on the market, we will disclose any exceptions to this rule.  Each cosmetic product  contains at least one raw material that has been organically farmed.

We do not use:

- Raw plant material that is genetically modified or treated with ionizing radiation.

- Plant material that is at risk of extinction, unless the raw materials are derived from agricultural cultivation.

- Surfactants known to be aggressive or incompatible to skin.

- Compounds known to be carcinogenic

- Preservatives such as formaldehyde, thiazolinone, phenylmercuric derivatives, carbanilides, borates, halogenated phenols or cresols

- Synthetic colourings, except as functional ingredients in hair colouring


Suppliers' Ethics

We are a progressive company with close relationships with suppliers

Naturalmente is a progressive company that proactively develops positive two-way relationships with its suppliers. The best possible products come from these working relationships, meeting Naturalmente's high and specific standards.

As a company, we encourage our suppliers to follow similar high standards, and to develop their own cultures of awareness about issues of social responsibility. We keep careful tabs on their progress, maintaining accurate records related to their internal ethical conduct.


The Supply Chain


Keeping a low carbon footprint

As we are based in Italy, we source our raw plant materials from Italian producers whenever possible. In this way we avoid an excessively long supply chain, and contribute to lowering energy consumption and decreasing pollution and road traffic.  At the same time, we are playing a role in cultivating our own territory and protecting species biodiversity.

Naturalmente suppliers must make a full declaration of their employment practices and these must comply with our own ethical code.  These businesses have to prove that they:

- do  not engage in child labour

- do not engage in forced labour

- ensure a safe and healthy work environment for employees in compliance with legislation

- do not prohibit, impede or penalize employees for engaging in union activities

- are non-discriminatory and ensure equal opportunities for all workers

- do not engage in disciplinary measures which compromise the dignity of workers

- do not allow more than 40 working hours per week, or demand excessive overtime

- reward workers with at least the minimum legislative wage, ensuring that they have a wage sufficient to live with dignity.




Respectful of nature and your health

Naturalmente packaging is designed and manufactured to be respectful of our natural resources. All packaging which comes in direct contact with the cosmetic product itself is environmentally friendly and whenever possible, produced from natural and renewable raw materials. It does not contain any materials that are considered hazardous to health, or release monomers which are dangerous for the environment.

Our aim is to reduce packaging as much as possible; just providing what is necessary to maintain product integrity and communicate necessary information to the consumer.




If it's in the product, it's on the label

Consumers have the right to know what is in the products they buy. Our clearly readable labels indicate which certified raw materials are used, and offer sufficient information to enable consumers to correctly interpret all ingredients.




Natural products that are laboratory tested for safety

Naturalmente regularly conducts a number of tests in order to ensure that our products are safe for consumers. This testing includes monitoring and analysis of product  stability, as well as levels of bacteria, yeast, mould and metals.


The Environment


Constantly striving to be even greener

We are constantly researching how we can improve our production and packaging so that we reduce the usage of raw materials that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. As deforestation is a factor in global warming, we ensure that all raw materials used in the manufacturing of our packaging that are derived from corn-based products, are obtained from non-deforested land.





Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute 

ICEA is among the most important certification bodies in Italy and Europe.
They have 11 000 subsidiaries with strong environmental and social ethics, 300 technicians and 23 operating facilities in Italy and abroad.  ICEA bring together associations of organic agriculture, green architecture, ethics and consumer finance.

ICEA inspect and certify products and services that include:

- Organic food and aquaculture

- Ecological detergents and cosmetics

- Forestry and sustainable tourism

- Organic Textiles

- Fair trade

- Ethical finance and SA8000 (a global social accountability standard for decent working conditions, developed and overseen by Social Accountability International (SAI))

- Environmentally friendly furniture and materials

- Green building


ICEA and AIAB collaborate with the Italian and European Parliament for the development and drafting of ECO laws, which are governed by and subject to periodic inspections, reviews and updates from the body of Academic Science and University of Bologna and Ferrara.