The Wave doesn’t interfere with the colour. It gives a soft easy to blow-dry result and has a softer smell. Customers love it! Best perm ever in my career.”
Melony | Stylist, owner Stylist of Just Melony in Hermanus

I have extremely fine, thin hair and I never know what to do with it. I was on the brink of cutting my hair ridiculously short when I had the Wavy – WOW! It has seriously changed my life. I've been able to grow my hair, without it looking straggly, and for once, my hair’s got some body! Now I have more options – I can blow my hair straight or have it curly.! Most importantly, I can do ALL of this without the damaging chemicals of a perm. Whether I do the Wavy or my colour, the condition of my hair remains fabulous. Well, the Naturalmente products really do deliver on what they say they do.

I had my hair washed and had a permanent wave done with Naturalmente products. My hair is traditionally very fine and extremely straight. I do have some highlights. Although we all decided that the wave could have been slightly tighter, it came out really well. I had a soft wave which responded well to being dried with no brush, or, if I gently encouraged, some curl with a brush. 10 Weeks later I had a good cut and style and Renee was pleased to see that my hair still held some of the wave. I have decided that when I have another cut  in 10 – 12 weeks’ time, I may have another wave and we will make it slightly tighter. This actually means that the first wave lasted really well.

Firstly, the best thing that ever happened to me was the Wavy (Wave Shine System). It’s given me the body I’ve always been yearning for! The Fennel & Geranium Mousse helps a lot too. When I realized I was greying I decided (thanks to Renee) to let it be and I've had nothing but compliments on how lovely my hair looks. So thank you Naturalmente for making my dull thin straight hair look so much better.