Fringe Retro Salon is based at shop 21; Sun Valley Mall in Noordhoek, Cape Town.

This retro styled salon opened in November 2015, offering the best of both worlds: Treatments, Cuts, Colour and Styling for the Ladies and Cuts as well as Cuts and Shaves for the Gents.

Step into our Retro Salon for a nostalgic escape from the hustle and bustle of the mall.

Fringe is an eco-friendly and socially responsible salon with a heart to promote healthy hair. 

They use the full Naturalmente range and are on the fringe of going greener.

Chantelle and Alona welcome you to a unique salon experience.


Chantelle and Alona:

As trained hair stylists; the Naturalmente range of products make us feel more professional. We use it. We apply it. We recommend it.

We love that the mother company in Italy has created products with such a holistic approach. As you need healthy soil to grow healthy plants; Naturalmente pays significant attention to the scalp and therfore healthier hair is grown.

From the very first Naturalmente experience hair is cleaner with more movement, shine and bounce (like hair should be).

These are not just natural products that some hippy shook up in his back garden - this is a professionally and naturally produced product range that provides salon quality haircare solutions. 

We are confident to use the colour range offered by Naturalmente and recommend home care options to our clients. Most industries in the world are going greener. The world is changing and if we do not change with it, we will get left behind. Going Greener is the best thing for our salon and our clients.

In our clients and ourselves; we are seeing healthier hair that is growing faster and retaining the colour effortlessly. The colour palette is so unique that we feel like artists with very few limitations in the colour range.

Needless to say, we have loved working with Naturalmente over the last three years and continue to do so!




Salon Hours:       Monday – Saturday = 8am – 6pm

Contact no:         021 785 2809

Address:              Shop 21 Sunvalley Mall, Noordhoek, Cape Town

Email:                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.