Clients today are more concerned than ever about what their personal care products contain. They want to know what the ingredients are, how they affect our health and the environment, how the products are produced and even how they are packaged. Hair stylists, who work with chemically-based products for hours every day, should also be concerned about the potential impact of these chemicals on their own health.

But the toxic impact of conventional ingredients goes far beyond our human bodies. People rarely consider that the biggest health hazard associated with toxic products is the impact it has on the water going down the shower’s drain, or the salon’s basin. Where will those chemicals end up, and what will they encounter on their way there? With water being the most used salon tool, this should be a primary concern for anyone working in the hair industry.

Less intrusive at the salon...more natural at home

It is Naturalmente's aim to be at the forefront of a progressive shift in eco-thinking. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of the cleanest and most natural products possible, as well as clear and concise information about their contents and how to get the most out of them. We make it easy for our stylists to use Naturalmente, as well as helping them to comfortably communicate its benefits to their clients.

With salon-perfect results

With Naturalmente you can be eco-friendly without making any sacrifices in terms of the effectiveness of products, and be sure to get salon-perfect results every time.

Our range helps stylists to make their clients look and feel beautiful at the salon, and helps their clients to maintain the look and health of their hair at home. Naturalmente comes with
many added benefits: from natural-looking colour options to plant-based aromas that make clients feel fresh, indulged and pampered.


You can turn your salon into a luxurious Hair Spa with Naturalmente’s Total Wellness concept. 

Our Professional hair care treatments cover the A to Z of hairdressing, from gentle colour solutions that deliver a more natural colour effect, to a new concept of Colour Defence for tonality and shine, to a rich treatment menu of soothing and restorative oils and Dead Sea salts.


All the tools you need for personalised, more natural colour that's actually good for hair

The Colour Wellness concept provides all the tools a stylist needs to personalise colour treatments for clients, with gentle natural options that provide a Total Wellness experience. This more natural and organic method of colouring radically improves the quality of the hair within a couple of months. It also stabilizes the brilliance of the colour and it becomes easier to maintain.

Since most clients today colour their hair, hair colouring is an indispensable part of our service. The Naturalmente Colour Wellness method merges the philosophies of total wellness and environmental sustainability with the expertise of hair stylists. We have eliminated parabens, nickel, ammonia, formaldehyde and toxic metals from all our products and have rather enriched our range with organic essential oils and organic surfactants.

We offer a Seven-Step Colour Wellness in-salon method, as well as a variety of  personalised, natural home care products to maintain your clients' colour and nourish their hair.

For clients who colour regularly we recommend a simple, yet effective natural pre-colour hydrating treatment, which prepares hair for colouring. The treatment helps create magnificent and long lasting colour and leaves hair soft and silky.

Ton and ColourTON & COLOR

Gentler colour with dimension and translucency

Whether you’re tinting or highlighting, the truth of the matter is that you still need at least one chemical process to achieve colour change. That’s why Naturalmente has created a safer, salon colouring system – Ton & Color – that is free of the most corrosive and damaging chemicals: ammonia, parabens, formaldehyde, sodium laureth sulphates and synthetic perfumes.

Ton & Color contains pure, high quality colour pigments hydrating jojoba oil and Vitamin C (a natural preservative and anti-oxidant) and is scented with organic orange essential oil. Its gel consistency means it spreads easily through the hair, and most importantly, it honours the tonality of natural hair. This means 100% grey coverage with dimension and translucency, and no more 'helmet head'!

Ton & Color is an oil-based range of hair colour that is gentle on the chemicals and comes in 46 shades. Its active ingredient is ethanolamine and it comes with four intensifiers and four hydrogen peroxide activators Ethanolamine is gentler on the scalp and doesn’t blanket-cover the hair like ammonia-based colours. Instead, it allows light to pass through the hair, resulting in a 3-Dimensional colour effect and much softer re-growth that is far less obvious and contrasting. All in all it delivers, a much more natural look. Nourishing as well as gentle, Naturalmente's Ton & Color will also lead to overall improvement of hair and scalp condition.

Naturalmente also provides a range of natural in-salon and home care products to enhance and extend Ton & Color. This includes our
unique Colour Defence shampoos and conditioners that enhance and tone natural or colour treated hair between salon visits, as well as various other products for specific conditions.

COLOUR DEFENCE ColourShampooGroup

Keep your colour for longer, naturally

Naturalmente has created a unique system of natural, plant-based, non-chemical colour shampoos called – Colour Defence.

These natural colour shampoos give stylists versatility in the salon as well as the tools to create a home- care plan for each client. They promise to enhance and nourish individual colour and revitalise the condition of the hair.

Shampoos range from ice blonde to cool blonde, warm copper blonde to mahogany copper, cool chestnut to warm chestnut as well as black, blue-black and fire red. With Color Defence, you can control the amount of warmth in blonde hair, taking away or even adding warmth. It's even ideal for children's hair, ridding blonde 'swimmer's hair' of that green tinge that often arises from chlorine.

Colour Defence shampoo and conditioner works to heal and hydrate hair in between salon colours. Within a few months of following the colour wellness method, the quality and brightness of clients' colour will visibly improve!










Beautiful colour without chemicals, based on 100% natural ingredients

Many clients are hesitant to colour their hair. Some don’t want to run the risk of potentially damaging their hair by colouring it, whilst others are afraid of ending up with a permanent colour result that they might not like. However, this doesn't mean that these clients wouldn't be interested in experimenting with safe, non-permanent colour options.

This is why Naturalmente has developed Colour Plant Flower, a hair-dyeing option available in five different shades. Colour Plant Flower is created from 14 organic plants and flowers that
give amazing natural reflections without the need for chemicals. It contains nothing but 98% plants and flowers and 2% minerals, and the resulting colour washes out in time.


Beyond Colour: Spa-style pampering and nourishment

Naturalmente also provides you with Colour Wellness tools for clients who don’t colour. These 12 treatments for both scalp and hair include Hot Oils, Dead Sea Salts, Essential Oils and the Elements Scalp Therapy Range.

Our hair has to contend with regular washing, different types of water, as well as daily pollution and the destructive elements of sun, wind and heat. Naturalmente’s Natural Hair treatments, based on hot oil or Dead Sea salts, are a wonderfully relaxing way to nourish and protect hair.

Clients can personalise their treatments by choosing from an array of aromatic essential oils – like ylang-ylang, mint, rosemary and lavender – which tantalise and sooth the senses, while the oils themselves nourish the scalp. The essential oils are added to moisturising jojoba and protein-rich, strengthening almond oils, which are the driving force behind the Colour Wellness method.

When oil is massaged into the scalp it is deeply absorbed through hair follicles. Massage also works to increase oxygen supply, which in turn improves blood circulation. Oil nourishes, lubricates and strengthens hair roots and scalp, preventing hair loss. Essential oils also refresh body and mind, relieving tension and exhaustion, and they help brighten the complexion. These invigorating and relaxing aromatherapy treatments are available in salon, and the oils and salts are also available for home care.

The Dead Sea, a volcanic lake in the dry and warm Jordan valley, has waters rich in salt. While normal sea salt has skin detoxifying powers, Dead Sea salts are additionally rich in concentrated trace elements like sodium chloride, bromide and magnesium. These elements restore mineral balance through the skin's pores and provide the body and skin with all the substances necessary to eliminate toxins and oxidising agents that ultimately cause premature aging. Dead Sea salts also have anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate micro-circulation.


Gently keeps frizz under control

The Relax Shine System offers a gentler, less toxic option to clients who want more manageability and frizz control, without altering the hair's natural state and leaving it flat.

Relax Shine does not replace the blow dry product you are currently using, but rather adds another option for more discerning clients. You and your clients will love how it adds shine and assists in the general maintenance of hair.


A non-toxic perm for the 21st century

Naturalmente offers its own natural variation of 'the perm'! Whether you want the perm of the Eighties or just a slight wave, the ‘Wave Shine System’ will help you achieve your desired look. It removes frizz and creates movement in the hair, without the toxicity of a conventional perm.

The Wave Shine System creates the wave and volume of the perm, without its characteristic tightness. It’s a great option for fine hair and offers a more natural 'permed' look which is easier to work with – it can even be blow-dried! Most importantly, it DOES NOT contain the harmful substances of ammonium thioglycolate (also known as thioglycolic acid), caustic soda or perfume, traditionally associated with perms.

Wave Shine System is suitable for both natural and treated hair.