Gentle Approach Salon

The Gentle Approach Salon is the home of Naturalmente South Africa. Our Salon has been the testing ground for the versatility of the Naturalmente range starting with the basic shampoos and conditioners we now offer complete hair and body wellness solutions for at home and in salon use.


Reneé Potgieter has been doing hair for many years and spent alot of time researching better choice products for her salon and their clients. It has been six years since she first launched the Naturalmente Brand in South Africa and going from strength to strength we are very excited to charge forward for the next six years making a difference to the world and our clients in the best way we know how.

Reneé is passionate about her chosen trade, and just loves hair and what it does for women. They beam with confidence and poise when their hair looks good. She often refers to hair as a woman’s “crowning glory”.In 2006, Reneé agreed to be a part of a study which one of her clients was carrying out on “cellular exploration”. It was during this study that Reneé discovered she had a “toxic overload” of chemical products coming from her persoanl care products she had been using. As Reneé uses very few products herself, she concluded it had to be as a result of working with her salon products.

“I realised how many products I handled every single day, my hands constantly in contact with one chemical or another. I started thinking about the fact that the skin is permeable, it’s a sponge, whatever we put on our skin ends up inside our bodies. I also started to remember conversations with clients who said they had felt ill for two days after having their hair colour done. Obviously this was only the occasional client who is probably more sensitive, but I knew there had to be a link.”

Reneé began investigating and discovered very quickly that products which were free of petrochemicals, obtained from sustainable protected resources, did not contain ingredients of animal origin, and were not tested on animals were not available for hair professioanls to use on their clients’ hair. It was in 2008, while assisting a friend who sold chemical free home cleaning products at a natural and organic fair, that Reneé discovered Naturalmente.


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